This Spanish NGO has like intention to contribute viable and innovating alternatives in the aid to mitigate the hunger and the poverty in the World.

Until today, there is it firstly organization that raises the following topics:

We are a NGO. Directed to creating genuine funds for all the NGOs. Of the World.

Coordinate aims and efforts to effects of avoiding the dispersion and sobreposicion of the same ones.

To represent before the forums and International institutions to " without voice " Poor people.

Present them, our developed projects, and to give our points of view, worries and collaboration with them.

We create - " Institute of Investigations-Nicolás Tesla " across which we have developed projects and technologies of top that are beyond our punctual needs, Contributing innovations that are going to revolutionize the already obsolete and exhausted systems that today we arrange the inhabitants of the Earth.

We create a system of application of the technology, the science and the arts to the service of the common man and the social or ethnic underprivileged person, that we have named a " Economy of the Knowledge " (R).

We have developed innovative technologies, oleaginous, and new sources of energy and other retarts, renewable, without the danger of extinguish, and not pollutants, which will give response and work to hundreds of million brothers all over the planet, favoring the areas more postponed and remote, attacking the pollution and the desertification.


The raw materials required, is certainly " The gray matter ", the fact of the marginalization and the poverty does not limit us intellectually and creativamente in the constant search of a better quality of life for the current Civilization.

The technological and socioeconomic developed possibilities, using the creative potential with which, " The Creator ", has given us, if mercantilist is in use with love, disinterest and to the service of the neighbor, it is a force of such a magnitude, which can, for if alone, change injustices and inequalities that involution of the human, carrying back to you were already overcome and distant.

It´s possible... if it is in your imagination ... you do not wait for anything in exchange for what you believe in your mind ... and they are your works realized with unbreakable faith.

Do not doubt, it done!